Message from Provost Professor Pauline Nugent: Rome Centre updates and ACU enrolment plan

Published: Monday 9th November 2015

Message from Provost and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Pauline Nugent: I am pleased to share with you some recent highlights from the work of my Portfolio concerning updates about the Rome Centre and the Enrolment Plan 2016-2021.

Rome Centre Updates

The ACU-CUA Rome Centre is now fully operational following completion of renovation works and the official opening in September 2015. To date, ACU has held two research seminars successfully at the Centre- the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy/ Institute of Religion and Critical Inquiry’s Rome Seminar series and the Faculty of Health Sciences’ International Research Collaborative Meeting.

Additional programs are scheduled for the remainder of 2015 including ACU’s inaugural offering at the Centre- the Core Curriculum. We have been working with our partner at the Centre, The Catholic University of America (CUA), to embed community engagement work relevant to the local area in Rome, to enrich the program. This work is progressing very well and is being expanded to other units at the Centre.

ACU’s Business Plan for the Centre has been completed and approved for implementation, with my portfolio in the midst of finalising detailed work on Academic Program offerings in Rome for 2016 and beyond. Detailed budgeting and other planning are underway in conjunction with CUA. Plans for the Chapel fit-out at the Centre, via Father Anthony Casamento; working together with Rome Centre staff is being initiated.

The development of a communications plan for the Rome Centre is also in the pipeline, including the production of collateral and a plan for website presence, which showcases the Rome Centre and the significant amount of work and achievements related to this initiative on an ongoing basis.

All bookings at the Centre are to be directed in the first instance to “Rome Centre Bookings” in our email directory.

Enrolment Planning

The Enrolment Plan 2016-2021 has been finalised. A cross-section of ACU staff including Faculties, the International Directorate, Associate Vice-Chancellors /Campus Deans, OPSM and representatives from the Infrastructure Directorate were involved in the development of the Plan, guided by the Enrolment Planning Policy.

The new Plan takes ACU to more than 30,000 EFTSL by 2021. Overall the university is planning for moderated growth over the next six years. The admissions cycle for 2015/2016 has commenced and I am carefully monitoring applications in the lead-up to ACU’s offer cycle in conjunction with Student Administration Directorate.