Measuring and eliminating energy waste

Published: Monday 30th March 2015

Energy rating 
A team effort aimed at finding and eliminating energy waste at ACU's Melbourne Campus through a number of different initiatives has delivered major energy and financial savings at key buildings throughout 2014.

InitiativeEnvironmental impactFinancial savings
2013 audit targeting energy waste at:Half year energy saving of:$15,000
Central Hall31%
Christ and Mercy Lecture Theatres36%
Upgrade of heating/air-conditioning system at Mary Glowrey BuildingSaved almost 500,000 kWh of electricity$22,000

Currently underway are additional projects to improve Properties' ability to control the heating and cooling of all buildings across the Melbourne Campus. These measures will also ensure further energy and financial savings throughout 2015.

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Further information

For more information about ACU's sustainability initiatives, please email Sustainability Coordinator Mark Doggett.