Malnutrition in aged-care: A silent epidemic

Published: Thursday 27th August 2015

Dr Sandra Iuliano will present on ‘Malnutrition in aged-care – A silent epidemic’ as part of Insitute HA’s Live Long Live Well colloquium series at the Melbourne Campus on Wednesday 2 September.

Dr Sandra Iuliano (PhD) is a researcher at the University of Melbourne based at Austin Health. Her work focuses on skeletal health over the life-span, from maximizing bone accrual during growth to slowing bone loss in later life. Her more recent work is investigating the benefits of improved nutrition on falls and fracture risk in elderly, especially those in aged-care.

This trial involves 60 aged-care facilities and over 5000 elderly residents throughout metropolitan Melbourne and regional Victoria, and it is providing valuable insight into the rates of malnutrition in elderly in aged-care, the causes, effects and potential remedies.  Her work has taken her as far south as Antarctica and as far north as Saskatchewan, Canada.

Details on how to register for this event, including video or teleconferencing in from another campus, can be found in the Live Long Live Well colloquium flyer here.