Making a difference to Work Health and Safety

Published: Monday 15th February 2016

ACU staff can view meeting minutes and action logs posted by their local Work Health and Safety (WHS) Committee via a new SharePoint site.  Staff can also access updates about any issues that they have asked a local WHS Committee member to resolve. The SharePoint site is just one of the initiatives the University is introducing to ensure staff have a greater say and are better informed about health and safety issues within working and learning areas.

Additional members will also be recruited to local WHS Committees in early 2016 to ensure that local committees represent a broader range of staff and students.  Staff members and students can contact a member whenever they would like an issue addressed that affects an entire campus.

Local Health and Safety Representatives
For issues that affect a specific workgroup area on campus, ACU also has Health and Safety Representatives (HSRs) available for staff members to talk to.  ACU is currently reviewing workgroups on local campuses so that staff members know which HSR to contact when they have an issue to discuss.  HSRs can advocate on the behalf of staff about any health and safety concerns they may have which affect their workgroup area.