Making a difference: Career and family fulfilment

Published: Monday 30th May 2016

Louren David is the IT Relationship Manager, assigned to ACU’s Faculty of Health Sciences. After 22 years of experience in IT service delivery, she says; “what attracted me to the University was the Catholic name and commitment to Christian values.”

As well as the IT Relationship Manager role, she has also been assigned to the Office of the Vice-Chancellor, Office of the Provost, Faculty of Law and Business and Identity and Mission divisions acting as the initial point-of-contact for the high level ICT needs of Faculty Executive, Directors, Head of Schools and Senior Managers.

“The Executives and management provide me with a lot of support and I have been lucky enough to develop strong channels of communication and collaboration to build momentum around some of our key initiatives,” she said.

Louren feels that after working in the finance and property sectors, she is privileged to work for ACU which provides ambitious women opportunities to advance their careers without having to compromise family life.

“Many say working mothers cannot have it all and they're just wrong but a supportive working environment is critical, where employment conditions help you balance your commitments, stay healthy and work effectively.”

Given the opportunity to make a difference, Louren has grabbed it with both hands. Her focus, she says, is more on connecting IT to the business, aligning projects and initiatives with business objectives and positioning the function as a strategic partner and key facilitator. "Our objective is to provide service excellence to all our staff and students,” she said.

When Louren started working with the Faculty of Health Sciences, she played a key role in the implementation of a Dynamic Distribution Listing Framework for the faculty. She was then involved with the Service Matters Improvement Team and a working group to implement the framework and policy across ACU to further the objective of promoting collaboration within and across the University.

“I am part of a University that is always on the move, breaking boundaries and discovering new ways of thinking," she said.

"Cementing a place as a global leader in education requires an underlying IT service that allows for seamless collaboration and is agile enough to deliver now a technological infrastructure that is ready for tomorrow.”