Looking for Professional Development Opportunities in Learning and Teaching?

Published: Monday 13th February 2017

Group of staff gathered in a room.

The LTC in collaboration with Learning for Life is currently offering a range of professional development opportunities ranging from: Introduction to Learning and Teaching, aimed at new academic staff, to workshops on how to effectively use LEO in your teaching practice, unit design and planning.

Also available is information on how to engage in the Peer Observation and Review of Teaching (PORT), how to request customised workshops in the areas of curriculum and assessment to meet Faculty needs, as well as an array of other programs.

To read more about these development opportunities and learn how enrol in each, visit the newly redesigned Professional Development section of the Learning and Teaching webpage.

The Professional Development in Learning and Teaching page has been enhanced as part of the Learning for Life strategy. To find out more about the full suite of Learning for Life projects, please visit the Learning for Life site.