Light up your career with eLAMP

Published: Tuesday 27th January 2015

The Emerging Leaders and Managers Program (eLAMP) is offered by ACU and the LH Martin Institute to support new and aspiring leaders in developing their skills to manage confidently and effectively.

eLAMP is suitable for Professional Staff in HEW 6, 7, 8 or above (Team Leader, Supervisor or Manager) and those who are new to management roles. It is also suitable for Academic Staff in Levels B and C or above (in leading and managing roles), as well as academics who are new to management.

The program is endorsed by the Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM). There are four modules within eLAMP, which each entail approximately 30 hours of work/reading.

Module 1:

Managing and Developing Yourself considers leading the self; developing critical reflective practice; intra-personal intelligence; and developing a personal career plan.

Module 2:

Managing and Developing Others addresses transitioning into a management role; inter-personal intelligence; managing relationships in the workplace; and developing others.

Module 3:

Managing and Developing the Business concentrates on situating tertiary education management; thinking and working strategically; and sustaining tertiary education institutions.

Module 4:

Understanding the Tertiary Education Landscape is the most theoretical of the eLAMP modules. It has two main components; the history and evolution of Australian tertiary education and policy processes and outcomes, which explores the increasing importance of management and the marketplace, institutional governance, funding, internationalisation, institutional and sector diversity, globalisation and the knowledge economy.

Apply now

Places are now on offer for commencement of eLAMP in March 2015. Please refer to the brochure for more information. Applicants must have the full support of their nominated supervisor to undertake the program. Staff must be prepared to complete the entire program (four modules) within nine months (or less) from commencement.

Applications will close on 13 February. For inquiries or to obtain an application form please contact Erin Ryan, Leadership and Competency Development Facilitator, on 02 9739 2151 or via email at

 eLAMP graduates Kathryn Duncan, Jessica Dickson, Miriam White and Genevieve Morris.

Twelve ACU staff completed the 2014 eLAMP course, working with program moderators Joy Magee, Justine Benfield, Sharone Ciancio and Kathryn Blyth. The above photo shows eLAMP graduates Kathryn Duncan, Jessica Dickson, Miriam White and Genevieve Morris receiving their eLAMP certificates last week.