Library Print Disability Services (LPDS)

Published: Monday 9th March 2015

Library Print Disability Services (LPDS) works closely with the Equity and Disability Unit to provide registered students with required textbooks and course reading materials.

In 2014 the LPDS assisted 102 students and converted more than 300 textbooks and 750 readings into accessible formats.

Who is eligible to receive Print Disability Services?

Students who are assessed by their campus disability adviser as having a physical, cognitive or vision impairment in accordance with the definition within the Copyright Act 1968 (Cth).

What do registered students receive?

Students receive their required text books in accessible digital formats via personal webpages. Some students also receive their course reading requirements.

What can you do to help?

Respond to requests from the Equity and Disability Unit for details regarding text book and reading list requirements well before the start of semester (four weeks prior to the commencement of the semester is ideal) as converting an image PDF image file (LEO reading) into a fully accessible file is labour intensive and time consuming.

Feedback from students

"This is fantastic! I'm downloading the first article now (on dial-up will take an hour). This is excellent! Even if my computer were to keel over tomorrow, my resources would still remain intact. Thank you so much for such a forward thinking model of access!" - Blind student

"Thank you, for your help regarding access to coarse [sic] text books, and the web page that has been setup for me. I am over joyed and will use this resource extensively." - Dyslexic student

For more information about LPDS contact Senior Librarian, Disability Services Elizabeth Hayward via email or by phone on ext 5388.