LEO Guides for staff – What’s new?

Published: Wednesday 19th October 2016

The NEW LEO (Learning Environment Online) guides for staff includes a range of support resources from the new user to the experienced user.

What’s new this week?

Live classroom (Adobe Connect LTI)

Web conferencing tools such as Adobe Connect (LTI) allow you to add live classrooms into your LEO unit and provide flexibility in the way your students learn and collaborate.

LTI is an abbreviation for ‘Learning Tools Interoperability” and allows services such as Adobe Connect to integrate with our Learning Management System LEO.

To find out more about how you can add an Adobe Connect LTI link to your unit, visit the following support guides

Working with Equella

There will be an eLearning 101 webinar on 20th October 1.01 pm at https://webconf.acu.edu.au/elearning101

Equella is a learning content management system allowing you to contribute content to your unit, embed readings and other Equella resources. This webinar will focus on the benefits of and useful tips in working with Equella: To find out more about Equella go to:

What’s coming soon?

GradeMark Rubrics, Groups and Groupings and How to mark assignments.

Updates will be provided every fortnight.

The Learning and Teaching Centre is keen to know what you think about the new LEO Guides and we would like to hear from you.  To provide us with your feedback click on the ‘Feedback’ link located on the LEO guides page to help us improve our resources or email eLearning.LTC@ac u.edu.au