LEO guides for staff – what’s new?

Published: Tuesday 4th October 2016

The NEW LEO (Learning Environment Online) guides for staff includes a range of support resources from the new user to the experienced user.

Creative commons
How to source Creative Commons content
How to attribute Creative Commons content
How to license your own work with Creative Commons

Equella (Content Management System)
LEO content (Equella) with link to Online Readings

How to import questions’ (Aitken format)
How to create a question bank?
Random questions and using the question bank

Turnitin (text matching):


What’s coming soon?
Adobe Connect (Live classroom)
Equella (content management system)

Updates will be provided every fortnight.

The Learning and Teaching Centre is keen to know what you think about the new LEO Guides. Click here to provide your feedback and suggestions on further improving this resource.