Learning for Life - Engaging with the ACU Community

Published: Tuesday 7th June 2016

The ACU community came together at each campus during May to attend face to face briefings held by the Learning for Life Project Office.  These forums provided the opportunity to showcase Learning for Life projects and update staff on their progress.

Various Learning and Teaching projects were highlighted at the briefings, including:

  • A demonstration from Steve Guinea, Faculty of Health Sciences, on the e-Simulation project designed to simulate a functional eHealth Medical Records system.  This enables students to interact with a live, ‘in time’ medical record environment as they would in a professional workplace.
  • A session by Baharul Zaman, Educational Designer, Learning and Teaching Centre, informing staff of the Learning and Teaching Enhancement Dashboard project. This project which aims to provide users with a visualisation of information collated from a range of ACU sources enabling a clearer, more accessible presentation of the data.
  • An introduction to the new Learning and Teaching website, by James Nicholson, Educational Advisor, Learning and Teaching Centre.

These projects contribute to the goals of the Learning for Life Framework in delivering excellent student learning experiences and achieving excellent teaching practices.

Those that attended had the opportunity to provide valuable contributions to the projects and socialised with staff from various areas of ACU.   Some feedback from attendees:

Dr Annie Venville, Faculty of Health Sciences, Melbourne Campus, said the L4L campus briefings showcased some of the strategies ACU is adopting to enhance the student experience and learning outcomes.

"The presenters were passionate and knowledgeable about their projects, each of which have broad applicability. Events like this can encourage and foster opportunities for inter and intra faculty collaboration,: she said.

Suraj Thapa, IT Manager, ICT Operations and casual Academic, Faculty of Business & Law, Brisbane Campus, said the L4L campus workshop was very informative; colleagues participated with meaningful comments and were clearly interested in the program.

"I personally found the session very useful because it provided us an opportunity to collaborate with other academic colleagues and made us aware of projects like the Teaching Support Program,.

"I was also pleased to hear about other programs such as Guidelines to Enhance the Use of LEO, Physical Teaching Space Standards and the Lecture Capture Enhancement project which ultimately enhances the student learning experience”.

A video update on the Learning for Life projects from Professor Ashford-Rowe, Director, Learning and Teaching Centre, is available in ACU’s Staff Newsroom.

If you would like more information about the full suite of Learning for Life projects, please visit Learning for Life.