Leadership and Mercy: the challenge for corporate Australia

Published: Wednesday 25th May 2016

Message from Associate Vice-Chancellor Professor Jim Nyland: ACU Brisbane will celebrate this extraordinary Jubilee Year in which Pope Francis has called for Catholic leaders to make mercy a focal point of the Church’s life and mission by challenging leaders from all sectors to respond to what mercy means for their organization.

The evening of the 2nd August 2016 will see a panel of influential and entertaining Australian experts come together in Brisbane to debate, discuss and challenge leaders from Church and Government, Health and Education, and for-profit and not-for-profit businesses about how to steer their organizations through the morally murky waters of the corporate world - where leaders are increasingly called upon to practice compassion, pursue justice, support the disadvantaged, and build their corporate culture on the foundations of leadership and mercy.

Michael Crutcher, Director and Founder of 55 comms will steer the 4th Annual Archbishop/Vice Chancellor Catholic Stakeholder dinner event with an expert panel comprising Professor Greg Craven, Archbishop Mark Coleridge, Karl Morris (Executive Chairman of Ord Minnett Ltd) and Rowena McNally (Deputy Chair of Catholic Health Australia).

The event will be held in the prestigious National Convention Centre at Southbank to accommodate the 350 strong audience of senior professionals who see this annual gathering as the hottest ticket in town in the corporate calendar year.

Leadership and mercy means different things to different people.  For example, I would like to think it goes some way to explaining Manchester City’s tempestuous season in the modern game or even the rise in the number of Leicester City fans emerging from the closet – finally!

It has been argued that modernity itself and its forms of experience (not just football) confers a common identity amongst its populous.  If the parameters of modernity and corporate culture are structured in such a way as to work against traditional truths and values then this sense of identity and community needs to be actively re-made as part of the collective struggle for a better life.  We need to understand and transform our communities as part of the new learning agenda for universities and of our new imagined future - inspired by the Jubilee Year of Mercy - and to do so we need to begin with scrutiny of such big issues facing us.

The evening will seek to scrutinize and mobilize our sentiments and imaginations to provide new solutions to new problems presented by modern times in the context of leadership and mercy.  It will inspire us to re-think and re-shape our attitudes and understandings of what the arena of leadership and mercy is and in what ways our University can respond to this challenge particularly in relation to the communities we serve.

Colleagues wishing to join us or host a table can visit here to register.  You will find the event both enjoyable and rewarding and one that importantly advances our mission and brand in an entertaining atmosphere of great food, wine and conversation - ACU at its very best.

It’s not a bad way to spend a Tuesday evening?