Law and Business students visit Middlesex University

Published: Monday 5th December 2016

A group of Law and Business students undertaking the first EU Endeavor Study Tour, visited partner university, Middlesex University in London for a lecture series delivered by their Professor Tim Evans as part of their third year International Business field experience.

The lecture focused on giving the students an introduction to the British political economy past and present together with discussion on European culture, society and business frameworks, perspectives and challenges in the digital age.

Bachelor of Law/Bachelor of Commerce student Emma Mackenzie said: “Professor Tim Evans opened up our eyes to different perspectives behind the Brexit decision and showed us how multi-faceted complex factors contribute to making sense of Brexit. Furthermore, he indicated how data analysis can provide many different interpretations and discussed that the common-held views of Brexit were prone to oversimplification."

Brisbane Bachelor of Commerce/Bachelor of Business Administration student Arabella Cassidy said: “Professor Evans provided us with a unique experience on how historical, political, economic and even cultural forces offer new meanings behind the Brexit.”