Launch of ACU’s Peter Faber Business School

Published: Wednesday 30th September 2015

The Faculty of Law and Business is proud to announce the launch of the Peter Faber Business School (previously the School of Business) effective January 1, 2016. The official launch will take place in Brisbane on 10 November followed by celebrations for staff and stakeholders in Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney.

Who was Peter Faber?

St. Peter Faber was the first Jesuit to be ordained. Faber, who was born in 1506 in what is now France, shared lodgings with Ignatius and Francis Xavier at the College of St. Barbara at the University of Paris.

Faber was the first of the Jesuits to be ordained a priest and he celebrated the Mass in 1534 during which St. Ignatius and the others took their vows of poverty, chastity and obedience. Pope Francis announced his canonization in 2013.

Why Peter Faber?

While many business schools promote the stereotypical view that business is focused on “me” and money making, ACU strives to present a different discourse on the cause and effect of ethical business decisions and models.

Peter Faber’s belief that Business is a means of enabling individuals to support themselves is one that is both empowering and bold. He provides an essential understanding as to why business should have a sound moral footing and as such, personifies the approach ACU’s business school is imparting to its students.

Register to join the celebrations

Brisbane, 11 November

Melbourne, 25 November

Sydney, 3 December

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