June Meeting of ACUSCC

Published: Monday 27th June 2016

Members of the ACU Staff Consultative Committee include representatives of the University, Academic and Professional Staff elected representatives, and representatives from the NTEU and the CPSU.  ACUSCC meetings are normally held every two months. The most recent meeting of the ACU Staff Consultative Committee was held on 23 June 2016.

Tabled and discussed items at this meeting included:

1. Reports:

a) Professional Development (Professional and Academic Staff)

2. HR and Related Policies for Consultation:

a) Parental Leave Policy

b) Research Awards for Women Academic Staff Policy

c) Professional Staff Performance Review and Planning Conversation Guides and Form

d) Capability Development Framework (intention to consult all staff)

e) Recreation Leave (including Annual Leave) Policy

3. Implementation of ACU Staff Enterprise Agreement 2013-2017

a) EA Implementation Plan

4. Matters tabled for the information of the Committee

a) Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander (Pilot) Graduate Program in Corporate Services

You can read the Terms of Reference, Agendas and Notes of past ACUSCC meetings, as well as Change Management Proposals considered by the Committee on the Consultation at ACU site at http://www.acu.edu.au/331273.

Committee membership information is also available on the above Consultation at ACU site link.

The next meeting of the ACU Staff Consultative Committee is scheduled for 25 August 2016.