June 2016 Traffic Light Report Executive Summary is now available

Published: Wednesday 28th September 2016

Welcome to third edition of the Traffic Light Report (TLR) Executive Summary and thank you to all staff who have contributed to the June 2016 publication. The TLR provides an analysis of the University’s progress against the 5 Strategic Goals and 19 Key Result Areas (KRAs) outlined in the Strategic Plan 2015-2020 and is a key tool used to measure our performance against the University Performance Targets.

The reports, released biannually, are an important part in our continuous planning cycle here at ACU. The reports help to identify areas of strength and success for the University, as well as areas in need of further enhancement. It is developed as a reference point to inform decision making and supports our staff and management with their future strategic and operational planning activities.

As at June 2016, there were 47 ‘Green’, 11 ‘Amber’ and 2 ‘Red’ traffic lights across the 60 University Performance Indicators. An overview of the distribution of traffic lights across the five Strategic Goals can be found in Figure 1:

Figure 1: Traffic Light Report Indicators by Strategic Goals, June 2016

Graphic illustrating Traffic Light Report indicators by Stategic Goals

In addition, Figure 2 (below) provides a snapshot of some of the key achievements in the first six months of 2016:

Graphic illustrating key achievements by Strategic Goals

Click on the report to read more about the University’s achievements over the past six months.

 Image of Traffic Light Report

To find out more about the University’s Annual Planning Cycle or how the OPSM can support you  with the provision of planning data, contact Elizabeth Jones, Senior Planning Officer, OPSM on 02 9739 2810 or Elizabeth.Jones@acu.edu.au.