Jim-Baa-Yer ACU honours National Sorry Day 2015

Published: Tuesday 19th May 2015

Jim-Baa-Yer will host the wonderfully talented and charismatic Kutcha Edwards to speak and perform as ACU’s contribution to National Sorry Day 2015 on 26 May at the St Patrick's Campus in Melbourne.

 The award winning songman/story teller brings his own unique performance to ACU’s St Patrick’s campus, Ground Floor of the Mary Glowery building on at 11am, Tuesday, 26 May.

The event will commence at 10.30am with a Welcome to Country.  All are very welcome to attend the morning tea and event. 

As Tuesday the 26th of May represents Sorry Day on the National Indigenous calendar, ACU through Jim-Baa-Yer Indigenous Higher Education Unit, is very proud to host Mr Kutcha Edwards to perform and speak.  Kutcha was born on the banks of the Murrumbidgee River in Balranald, New South Wales, of the Mutti Mutti people and is among the many of the Stolen Generations. 

As the proud recipient of the 2001 NAIDOC Indigenous Person of the Year, Kutcha continues to play a vital role in the educating and re-educating of all Australians on the plight of forced removal of Indigenous children from their parents, families and country.  He sends a powerful message through his spiritual, thought provoking song and music, which immediately captures the attention of those who witness.

This event will follow the Welcome to Country from the Wurundjeri and be accompanied with a morning to encourage dialogue and rapport.  All are very welcome to attend,

Linc Yow Yeh

Coordinator Jim-Baa-Yer Indigenous Higher Education Unit