James Carroll building in North Sydney more accessible

Published: Monday 14th September 2015

North Sydney Campus’s James Carroll Building is now more accessible to all users following a series of upgrades by the Properties and Facilities Directorate to improve the building’s safety and navigation.

The upgrades are part of ACU’s ongoing commitment to providing compliant and equitable access to its campuses, in conjunction with its ongoing renovation and new-building projects.

The multi-level layout of the James Carroll Building – necessitated by its sloping site – has long created challenges to building users, who must negotiate multiple staircases, elevators and ramps to move in and around the building.

The users of the building will now benefit from several important and practical upgrades, including to the building’s elevator and to the external stairs leading to the main building entrance, creating a safer entry and exit point.

Within the building, new handrails and tactile indicators that assist the vision-impaired to orientate themselves to obstacles and hazards, such as stairs and ramps have also been installed, along with improved pathways leading to emergency exits.