It’s Open Access Week

Published: Wednesday 26th October 2016

Sharing research articles enables collaboration, professional relationships and advances in science and discovery. It’s an important part of scholarly communication. Social networking sites such as Research Gate and are online platforms that enable researchers to meet potential collaborators, share ideas and participate in discussions.

A key feature of such sites is the opportunity for authors to share their publications with other researchers. However authors share their research outputs responsibly. ACU authors should always consider the conditions of their publishing contracts and what version of their paper (if any), a publisher will permit them to share. The majority of publishers will permit authors to display the abstract of their paper on scholarly collaboration networks, but do not permit the posting of the published version of the article or the post-print (authors accepted version).
To promote your article in Research Gate (or on similar platforms), you should paste a link to the ACU Research Bank record for that publication, along with the abstract. This will enable users to access either the full published version from the Research Bank record (if they have access to the journal in which the article is published) or an open access post-print version of the article if you have deposited a post-print of the article in Research Bank.
For further information about Academic Social Networking Platforms and ACU Research Bank, contact Library Research Services.