Introduction of online timesheets for casual academic staff

Published: Wednesday 13th July 2016

Online timesheets are convenient – accessible anywhere, at any time, and quick to complete using the online process. Casual academic staff can enter hours of work online and once their submitted timesheet is approved by the relevant supervisor it is automatically forwarded to Human Resources electronically for salary payment. A confirmation email is received at each step in the process to confirm that work hours have been submitted for approval or approval has been successful.

The development of an online timesheet for casual academic staff is now complete and it is available for use for by all organisational units. This means casual academic staff can now submit their timesheets and have them approved by nominated supervisors online. In order for casual academic staff and supervisors to use the online timesheets, a current employment arrangement must be in place in the form of a casual staff contract, both offer and acceptance.

How to use online timesheets

Information for supervisors:
· When a timesheet is submitted, supervisors will receive an email to approve the timesheet.
· Once approved by the supervisor, the timesheet is automatically forwarded to Human Resources.

Deadlines for approved timesheet submissions

Please note that the Payroll cut-off deadline for submission of approved casual timesheets is 5pm Thursday in the week prior to the pay day.

Phasing out period

Casual academic staff are encouraged to start using the online timesheets as the paper-based timesheets will be phased out and removed from the ACU website. The paper-based timesheets will be phased out by Thursday 25 August 2016 as this is the cut-off day for the receipt of casual timesheets for pay day Wednesday 31 August 2016. If paper-based timesheets are received post 25 August 2016 they will be accepted and actioned until such time that Human Resources liaises with the relevant supervisor, answers questions on the online timesheet with the expectation that the online timesheet will be used for future transactions.


If you experience any issues using or submitting your online timesheet please contact HR Advisory on extension 4222 or via email.