International recognition for IPPE’s Indigenous research

Published: Monday 22nd June 2015

International recognition for IPPE’s Indigenous research  

The work of Institute of Positive Psychology and Education (IPPE) director Professor Rhonda Craven and Professor Alex Yeung on the challenges facing Indigenous Australian students has been published in the prestigious International Encyclopedia of the Social & Behavioral Sciences.

The chapter, titled Motivation in Australian Aboriginal Populations, explores the importance of motivational constructs for Indigenous populations with a focus on Indigenous Australian students.

IPPE’s Indigenous Culture, Education and Well-Being program endeavours to make a substantial contribution to Indigenous education and well-being, by utilising a positive psychology framework to develop and implement novel, research-derived, strengths-based approaches.

It capitalises on new advances in theory, research, and practice to explicate drivers of socio-economic well-being for Indigenous Australians, including: self-concept enhancement; engagement in productive and fulfilling employment; and attainment of educational and life outcomes that enable them to flourish.

The Indigenous program also strives to strengthen learning and teaching in Indigenous Studies, and build the research capability of Indigenous researchers. Indigenous research is also embedded throughout IPPE's research programs.