Improvements to staff website

Published: Wednesday 19th August 2015


ACU’s staff website has been improved to look and function more like our existing public website.

The new staff website is easier to use and have a more responsive design that is mobile phone friendly.

However, if there are any issues please contact the Service Desk. 

Unlike the existing site, the new website’s page layout will change in response to the width of the devise or browser window used by staff.

The use of the same design templates across all ACU’s main websites means there will be a consistency of user interface elements, such as call-to-action links and accordion menus which hide/show content.

From a technical point of view, the new website brings the HTML and CSS code behind the staff site up-to-date with the current HTML5 / CSS3 standard.

This means the new design can take advantages of modern browser advances for multimedia support, mobile optimisation, accessibility, usability, and performance.

The changes allow the site to take advantage of further advances in browser technology.

Editors of the staff site will also have access to the same modern editing interface as on the public and student websites.

As the roll out occurs there may be a period where some pages may appear in the old design instead of the new one.