Important update regarding the Echo 360 system

Published: Wednesday 28th January 2015

Echo 360 Personal Capture update

During January 2015 the Echo 360 lecture recording system was upgraded from 5.3 to 5.4. This action was recommended by Echo 360 to resolve a security issue.

Any ACU staff who currently use Echo 360 Personal Capture are strongly advised to upgrade to the latest version by contacting the Service Desk on 7272.

By upgrading you will have the following benefits:

  • Finalisation of capture media after events such as hard reboot, power loss or forced application closure
  • Supported use on Windows 8.1
  • One click recording
  • One click publishing
  • Capture sound and the input from two different video sources

For further information on the new interface and the latest capabilities of the Echo 360 Personal Capture product, please go to the following links:

For information on other recording features, please visit the staff questions page on the ACU website.

Echo 360 Classroom Capture (PC Capture)

Most classrooms now have the ability to record your presentations from the local PC. This product however only runs on Windows PCs and must have a network connection.

If you are in a classroom that does not have recording capabilities, please contact the Service Desk on 7272 at least two weeks before you need your recording, noting the class room number and campus. IT can then check to see if Classroom Capture can be installed.