Nominations for Honorary Doctorates

Published: Monday 1st June 2015

In accordance with Clause 2 of the Regulations in relation to the award of the Honorary Degree of Doctor of the University, the University has invited Members of the Company, Senate and the Professoriate of Australian Catholic University to bring forward nominations of qualified persons for consideration by Senate for award in 2016.

Statute 6.2.5, and its accompanying Regulations, state that those nominated for the award of an Honorary Degree of Doctor of the University must be persons of distinguished eminence in some branch of learning proper to a Faculty in the University or a person distinguished by outstanding services to the University, meritorious cultural achievement or eminent public service.

Should anyone feel there is a person(s) of outstanding qualities consistent with the provisions of the Statute and Regulations, they may wish to discuss the matter with a Member of the Company, Senate or the Professoriate.  Members of the University community are advised that nominations need to be sent to me no later than 30 July 2015 - or before if possible.

It is essential there be no contact of any kind, either direct or indirect, with persons under consideration for an award.

Please note nominations made by a member of the Professoriate must be co-signed by either a Member of the Company or a member of Senate.  A list of members of Senate is available at and the list of Company members is available at:

For information, the process for awarding honorary doctorates occurs over a considerable period of time. The Honorary Awards Committee will meet in August 2015 and recommends awards to Senate in October 2015.  Successful nominees are then invited to accept the awards and, due to the confidential nature of the awards, an announcement is made only after all nominees have formally accepted, which may be some months later.  I appreciate your patience with this lengthy process and your understanding of the confidential nature of the awards.

Attached are the regulations and additional information regarding the nomination procedure.  If you require any further information please contact me at

Application form (DOC, 700KB)

Regulations form (DOC 700KB)