History research gets a boost at ACU

Published: Monday 26th May 2014

ACU’s new initiative aims to capitalise on its existing strength in historical studies research. Building on the work of researchers such as Professor Shurlee Swain, Associate Professor Nick Carter, and Dr Noah Riseman, the new Historical Studies Research Concentration will further boost ACU’s research output and productivity.  

A unique feature of the Concentration is its focus on core ACU’s values of social justice and common good.

According to Professor Shurlee Swain, “Historical research at ACU has long had an impact on public debate and scholarship, and that impact is now set to increase. The Historical Studies Research Concentration will bring together staff to create a vibrant knowledge centre, and further critical research in the area. We believe that this focus on core ACU values will create new avenues for cross-campus and cross-disciplinary research collaborations amongst staff.”

Key staff members of the Historical Studies Research Concentration include Professor Shurlee Swain, Associate Professor Nick Carter, and Drs Noah Riseman, Nell Musgrove, Ellen Warne, Chris Matthew and Maggie Nolan. The group has received a further boost with the recent appointments of Dr Melissa Bellanta, Dr Hannah Forsyth and the internationally recognised Italian historian Professor John Foot. A postdoctoral fellowship will also shortly be advertised, allowing a new member to join the group later this year.

To find out more about the Research Concentration’s work, contact Professor Swain.