Healthy Communities Timor-Leste: Train the Trainer Program, Maubisse

Published: Thursday 16th October 2014

In Maubisse, a remote town in the mountains of Timor-Leste, the focus on healthy communities is making a difference through the shared vision and commitment of the Carmelite Sisters, Parish Priest, and school, Mary MacKillop International, Little Company of Mary Australia, ACU and the University of Sydney. All are collaborating to promote healthy communities in Maubisse. The professional development of village health workers has been a continuing priority for more than five years with 12 village health workers having received certificates of course completion in Train the Trainer Health Program in September 2013. The participants in the Train the Trainer program received a training manual written in Tetun which was accompanied by powerpoint slides presented in Tetun.


Between 20 and 27 September 2014, our ACU team, accompanied by two students from the School of Nursing, returned to implement Train the Trainer Program Maubisse. The program was established by ACU’s Institute for Advancing Community Engagement and the Faculty of Health Sciences. The first group of trainees reconvened last month to participate in a three-day Intensive Program. All 12 participants graduated with the aim of being future leaders for health care in Maubisse.


A further five days of training and one full day of assessment was implemented with a new group of 16 participants in Train the Trainer Program Maubisse. The new trainees graduated at the end of the program. These trainees will participate in a follow up three-day Intensive Program for September 2015. Topics would include Nutrition, Mental Health, Care of Disabled People, Depression, Alcohol Abuse and Palliative Care. We are working with the Timorese people to build healthy communities for a better tomorrow.