HDR Supervisor Training

Published: Tuesday 20th October 2015

HDR Supervisor Training workshops are intended for staff who are yet to complete Supervisor Accreditation and are interested in seeking accreditation to supervise Higher Degree by Research candidates. There are 4 modules to complete with two conducted face-to-face and two via online.

When will the session be held?

Module 1

Date: Monday , 26 October 2015

Time: 1pm- 4:30pm

Location: Brisbane, Melbourne and Strathfield

Module 2

Date: Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Time: 9am- 12:30pm

Location: Brisbane, Melbourne and Strathfield

Module Description

Module 1: workshop


This module explores the value of approaching supervision from a project perspective. We examine strategies, tools and resources for higher degree

project management we give participants an opportunity to collaboratively develop their own pedagogy of supervision.

Module 2: workshop


This module examines higher degree supervision from a ‘people’ perspective, addressing a range of communicative, social and (cross-)cultural issues, and asking supervisors to explore ethnographic approaches.

Module 3: online


This is a supervisor induction module designed to build familiarity and engagement with the local institutional context of supervision including: processes; policies; strategic priorities; resourcing, and; support.

Module 4: online


This module looks at supervisdion from the product-process perspective, with a hands-on exploration of stragies for building PhD-level writing & self editing skills, for both native and non-native academic writers.


Staff: Register for modules 1 and/or 2, via Staff Connect no later than Friday, 23 October 2015


Course Type Code (Module 1): SUP2M1BRIS15

Course Type Code (Module 2): SUP2M2BRIS15


Course Type Code (Module 1): SUP2M1MEL15

Course Type Code (Module 2): SUP2M2MEL15


Course Type Code (Module 1): SUP2M1STRT15

Course Type Code (Module 2): SUP2M2STRT15