Has your research fallen into the wrong hands?

Published: Monday 4th April 2016

In the interest of human rights, regional and national security and in accordance with UN Security Council-imposed sanctions, it is becoming increasingly important for countries to tightly regulate the goods and technologies exported to ensure they don’t fall into the wrong hands. How does this apply to ACU and your research?

As a university we are in the business of conducting and growing quality research, building strong and broad collaborations, disseminating information as widely as possible and looking for commercial applications for our discoveries. We therefore need to be mindful that although we don’t design bombs, develop nuclear weapons or find ways of making lasers more powerful, we must still comply with Australia’s legislated, strengthened export controls.

For example, dual use goods and technologies that are controlled could be used or adapted by others in ways we didn’t realise to develop and produce systems or components of systems that could potentially cause deliberate harm.

It is your responsibility to ensure the research you conduct is consistent with Australia’s national interests and international obligations and to obtain the necessary permits if required.

To find out how to ensure your research in compliant and avoid harsh penalties (including possible imprisonment) please visit Export Controls: Keeping your research in the right hands on the ACU Research website.