Green travel on campus

Published: Monday 7th July 2014

Clancy Bike Locker

Are you looking for a way to save money and do your bit for the environment during your daily commute? Why not consider riding a bike?

A road bike only uses five per cent of the materials that it takes to construct a car and costs just a couple of hundred dollars to maintain over the course of a year. Compared to the cost of building, maintaining and fuelling a car, bike riders are streets ahead when it comes to saving dollars on their daily commute.

Better still, a road bike is like a gym on wheels; studies have shown that the average bike commuter will lose a minimum of five kilos in their first year of using a bike as their method of transportation. Additionally, if your commute in the car is a slow one, riding can actually get you to your destination quicker.

As part of ACU’s green travel initiatives on the Sydney campuses, end of trip bike facilities have been installed around campus. These include a bike rack, and lockers to store your gear and showers. Details of the facilities for North Sydney and Strathfield campuses are listed below.

North Sydney Campus end of trip facilities:

North Sydney Campus has three end of trip facilities available to students and staff. Firstly, there are existing facilities at the 40 Edward Street site with a single bike rack holding up to six bikes located on the boundary between 42 and 40 Edward Street, just inside the boom gate. Male and female change rooms and showers are located on the second floor of the James Carroll Building at 40 Edward Street; the change rooms have lockers but are highly sought by students as they are rented on a semester basis.

A bike rack (four bikes), unisex showers (two) and unisex toilet (one) are located on level three Tenison Woods House (this is the top level of the car park). Bike racks are located outside the property managers' office with a shower and toilet adjacent to the Coca Cola drink machine. Extra male and female toilets are located in the ground floor lobby area.

Bike entry onto level three parking will be via the main car park entry off Napier Street.

8-10 Berry Street has an end of trip facility located on the basement level. This facility consists of 25 bike racks with two different varieties available, showers, toilets and a disabled toilet/shower. There are also 16 lockers that can be utilised short term with a refundable $2 (see instructions on lockers). Access to this facility is via Doohat Lane off Berry Street (left into the rear of 8-10 building, press intercom next to the roller door which will connect you to campus reception who will then open the roller door for entry). Exit is via the green button on the right hand side of the basement roller door. At no stage can bikes be brought down to the basement via the lifts.

Staff members with existing access cards can have them upgraded to include the roller shutter.

Signage is located at the rear of the building to identify entrance and intercom.

Strathfield Campus end of trip facilities:

Strathfield Campus is close to several major cycling routes and there are two bike lock-up points on campus. These are located at:

Barker Road bike racks: 

Bike racks can be found on the main campus. Enter the campus through the main gate on Barker Road; the bike racks are located on the right hand side of the driveway on the grassed area as shown.

Edward Clancy building bike lockers:

Bike lockers can be found in the rear car park of the Edward Clancy building. The Edward Clancy building is located at 163-167 Albert Rd; follow the driveway on the right hand side of the building around to the rear car park. Once there the bike lockers are directly in front of you as you go down the drive.

There are also end of trip facilities provided on campus for cyclists:

Male and female showers are located in the Edward Clancy building. Enter the building and proceed to the second floor then at the top of the stairs turn left then left again heading down the hallway. The shower blocks are located in male and female toilet areas on the left hand side of the hall, approximately halfway down the hallway.

Cycling is a great way to get to campus but local roads are often busy so planning your journey is crucial. The website Ride the City provides many detailed bike routes, or you can plan your trip with the North Sydney Council's online cycling information and maps or the Strathfield Council's cycling information page