Giving on St Patrick's Day

Published: Monday 14th March 2016

Message from Associate Vice Chancellor (Victoria) Dr John Ballard: On St. Patrick’s Day the St. Patrick’s Campus will celebrate in many ways, one will be seeking students and staff to give $6 or part thereof. All contributions great and small will make a difference. The aim is to support the homeless through choosing to donate to St. Mary’s House of Welcome or to Orange Sky.

St Mary’s House of Welcome, located a short distance from Campus on Brunswick Street, opens 6 days a week to offer support and meals to people who are homeless or living in poverty in Melbourne. Each meal costs $6 to prepare but is by voluntary contribution for those who receive the meal. This is often the only meal that person may have in a day.

Orange Sky Laundry is Australia’s first mobile laundry service for the homeless. A world first, started in Brisbane by two 20 year olds, Nic Marchesi and Lucas Patchett, who were named as Young Australian’s of the Year for 2016. The custom fitted van has been servicing parks and drop in centres across Australia and the wider community with its two industrial washers and dryers in each van. Orange Sky now has 5 services across Australia in Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Melbourne, Sydney and SE Victoria. Each wash and dry costs $6 but is of no cost to the recipients.

David Tubb, a student of ACU's Brisbane Campus, is a board member and Operations Manager of Orange Sky.

We continue the long tradition of giving at St. Patrick’s, having marked the day in the past with celebration and a ‘march of coins’ spanning the length of the foyer of the Mary Glowrey Building.

I encourage all students and staff to consider choosing one or both of the services to the homeless and/or those living in poverty and make a donation, large or small. A stall will be set up in the foyer of the Mary Glowrey Building providing more detail.