How can Eastern and Western-rite Catholics understand themselves as one holy Catholic Church?

Published: Wednesday 28th September 2016

ACU staff are invited to the next public lecture to be presented as part of the new ACU Luminaries Series:

Fostering ecclesial unity amid liturgical diversity
By the Very Rev Mark Morozowich, S.E.O.D.
Dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies
The Catholic University of America (CUA)

When: 6pm for 6:30pm, Wednesday 12 October
Where: The Function Room, ground floor, Edmund Rice Building, ACU Strathfield Campus, 25A Barker Road, Strathfield
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Eastern and Western-rite Catholics celebrate liturgy in very different ways and how we celebrate liturgy both generates and forms our identity as Catholics. So how can Eastern and Western-rite Catholics understand themselves to be members of the one holy Catholic Church when their outward liturgical expression of Catholic identity is so different?

This lecture will be delivered in cooperation with the ACU Centre for Liturgy and will provide a unique opportunity to explore the diversity of Eastern and Western Catholic liturgy.

Professor Clare Johnson, Director of the ACU Centre for Liturgy, said, “For many Roman Catholics, the beauty and variety of Eastern Catholic liturgies is one of the less well-known joys of the broader Catholic communion.”

“Fr Morozowich is an expert in Eastern Catholic liturgies, especially those of the Ukrainian Catholic tradition and brings valuable insights into how Eastern and Western Catholic rites both complement and differ from each other.”

Professor Johnson noted that for Catholic school teachers in particular, the themes explored in this lecture would be particularly useful for their understandings of how both traditions can be understood within the context of liturgical celebrations and Catholic education, more broadly.

“Many teachers in Catholic schools work with students from a variety of Catholic perspectives – both Eastern and Western. The chance to learn more about the background and traditions of our Eastern Catholic students in conversation with Fr Morozowich is an opportunity not to be missed.”

Professor Dermot Nestor, Executive Dean of the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy, welcomed the visit by Fr Morozowich and as part of the University’s ongoing collaboration with CUA.

“Through our Rome Centre, ACU works in close partnership with CUA. We are delighted to be hosting Fr Morozowich during his visit to Australia, reaffirming the commitment to ongoing collaboration between our two institutions.”

Fr Morozowich is Associate Professor of Liturgical Studies/Sacramental Theology and Dean of the School of Theology and Religious Studies, The Catholic University of America.

Visit the website for more information about the lecture and for Fr Morozowich’s full biography.

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