Focus on gifted children

Published: Monday 26th October 2015

Senior lecturer Valerie Margrain School of Education has just launched a new book, Giftedness in the Early Years: Informing, Learning and Teaching which she co-edited, wrote four chapters and mentored some emergent writers.

Gifted education is a key component to Valerie Margrain's research and teaching (EDFD667 and EDFD669) and the New Zealand Association for Gifted Children has been a pivotal organisation within gifted education in NZ as both a parent advocacy group, and in terms of publications; a parent magazine Tall Poppies and peer-reviewed academic journal, APEX.

While at the conference Valerie particularly enjoyed sessions on self- concept of gifted children, teaching strategies, identification and assessment of young gifted children (under 3 years of age) and a music performance evening hosted by gifted children.

The highlight of the conference was the book launch at the end of the conference of Giftedness in the Early Years: Informing, Learning and Teaching, edited by Valerie, Caterina Murphy and Jo Dean.

Valerie also co-wrote four chapters for this book and mentored some emergent writers.

The conference venue was the beautiful University of Waikato Concert Chamber foyer, catered by the publisher, NZCER Press.

A drop box link to the book launch can be found here

A link to information about the book, and 10 freely downloadable professional handouts connecting to the book can be found at this link: