Explore opportunities to join us in Rome in 2016

Published: Monday 16th May 2016

Did you know that the Faculty of Theology and Philosophy is offering ACU staff the opportunity to join an upcoming study tour as an audit participant?

A range of study tours to Rome are taking place throughout 2016 and we are currently taking applications for the following:

  • Archaeology and Early Christianity (25 June to 9 July 2016)
    Immerse yourself in Roman archaeology and the study of the Bible. In Rome. Through this two-week intensive course, you will explore how artefacts and texts can be used in a critical dialogue to reconstruct aspects of the cultural and social milieu of the Bible and Early Christianity.

This study tour will be led by Dr Michael Theophilos and Dr Alan Cadwallader.

  • Latin Language and Culture (24 to 30 September 2016)

This one-week intensive course provides you with the chance to experience Ecclesiastical Latin language and culture in Rome and Ravenna. Explore living Latin in the first great capital of the Roman Empire. Classical and ecclesiastical Latin inscriptions appear in every quarter of the city and the use of Latin has informed all aspects of the cultural and social milieu of early Roman Christianity. This study tour will be led by Ryan Strickler.

  • Spirituality in the Christian Tradition (17 September to 2 October 2016)

The academic discipline of Christian spirituality studies the lived experience of Christian faith. In Rome this experience can be traced back almost two thousand years. Drs Maeve Heaney and Jo Laffin will lead you on quest to deepen your understanding of Christian spirituality in the unique environment of Rome, with spirituality, history, theology and liturgy interwoven in a rich tapestry of experiences. This study tour will be led by Dr Josephine Laffin and Dr Maeve Heaney.

We warmly invite you to explore our overseas opportunities and to contact the relevant tour leaders with any questions.