Exercise and Nutrition Research Study

Published: Tuesday 21st June 2016

The Centre for Exercise and Nutrition at ACU (St. Patrick’s Campus, Melbourne) is seeking overweight, male participants, between the ages 35-55 who are not currently exercising consistently.

This innovative project involves a 2-visit-commitment to ACU and aims to investigate the effects of high levels of fat in the blood on muscle growth.

There are numerous benefits for participating in this study including the assessment of your body composition, and muscle strength and cardiovascular fitness.

This study also involves three muscle biopsy samples from the outer thigh, blood samples, and IV infusions.

Participants will be financially reimbursed for their time.

Who Can Participate?

  • Healthy, non-smoker, non-vegan, men
  • Ages 35-55
  • Body Mass Index (BMI) of 25-32
  • Physically inactive


  • 2 Visits to ACU:
    • Preliminary testing (~1.5 h)
    • A full experimental trial day (~10 h):
  • Muscle biopsies
  • Blood samples
  • Infusions of intralipid (fat) and amino acids to measure muscle growth

Benefits to participation

  • Assessment of body composition, muscle strength, and cardiovascular fitness
  • Financial reimbursement for your time


  • The Centre for Exercise and Nutrition at ACU (St. Patrick’s Campus, Fitzroy) Melbourne


Mr. Will Smiles

PhD Student

Centre for Exercise and Nutrition

Email: will.smiles@acu.edu.au

Ph: 0415 377 469