Enhance your teaching with LEO Tool Selector

Published: Wednesday 21st December 2016

Ever wondered how to find the best tools/resources in LEO to enhance your teaching practice? The newly developed LEO Tool Selector assists teachers in connecting what they want to achieve (pedagogy) with the technology that will best help them, through asking series of questions.

What is the tool about?

LEO Tool Selector is a dynamic, new technology that assists ACU teaching academics in selecting the most appropriate function(s) in LEO to suit their specific pedagogical needs. The tool lists related LEO activities/resources, and provides links to the LEO guides about setting the tool up and using it in your unit.

How does it work?

The LEO Tool Selector works by asking you a series of questions so that it can gauge what your exact needs are, based on the answers provided. The questions range from areas such as ease of use, communication and interaction, content creation and assessing learning. Based on your responses, the tool creates a list of LEO functions that best suit your needs, quantified by a percentage.

The tool also recommends support resources to you for the first 10 items on your list, with hyperlinks to the resources content. The generated list of resources can be emailed to yourself or anyone else, for future reference and use.

Image of LEO tool selector fully interactive version display.
Fully interactive version display.

Image of LEO tool selector lite version display.

Lite version display.

How do I access the tool?

The LEO Tool Selector is available in different formats at the following links:

This tool has been developed as a Learning for Life project with the aim of enhancing learning and teaching practices at ACU.

If you have any specific queries about the tool, please contact the developer, Mr Peter Weyand.

To learn more about Learning for Life, click here.