Tip of the Week: Enjoy ACU’s Christmas celebrations

Published: Wednesday 23rd November 2016

ACU’s Christmas parties and the holiday period are a great opportunity to celebrate and relax after a busy year.  Enjoy making your Christmas party memorable for the right reasons, through treating others with courtesy, dignity and respect.

What we do well

ACU’s staff members continuously demonstrate high standards of conduct within the workplace context, including at ACU Christmas parties. Staff recognise that these parties are work functions and therefore the same standards of behaviour apply as in the workplace.

While relaxing and having fun our staff understand the importance of continuing to fulfill our individual responsibilities for health and safety including taking reasonable care of ourselves and others at our work-related functions. ACU’s supervisors and managers remain aware that that their responsibilities can include personal liability for penalties and costs if something goes wrong, and there is always a nominated Event Manager to ensure that an event runs smoothly and safely.

When buying gifts for colleagues, our staff know to make their gift selections in the spirit of kindness and care. When staff post content on social media, staff ensure they present the University and their colleagues in a positive and respectful manner.

Staff who choose to consume alcohol at functions do so responsibly and seek to balance their intake with the delicious food that is on offer as well as non-alcoholic beverages. Staff also encourage each other to catch a taxi or public transport home from parties if they have been drinking alcohol.

This Christmas season, ACU staff are encouraged to keep up the University’s tradition of treating others with courtesy, dignity and respect, and ensure a festive season that everyone can enjoy.

Further information:

Further information about responsibilities of staff members of ACU are set out in the following:

· ACU Code of Conduct for All Staff

· Alcohol and Other Drugs Policy

· Work Health and Safety, and Wellbeing Policy

· Social Media Policy

· Acceptable Use of IT Policy