Dr Stephen Weller wins 2015 ATEM leadership excellence award

Published: Monday 21st September 2015


ACU Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Corporate Services) Dr Stephen Weller has won a prestigious industry award for leadership excellence.

The Association for Tertiary Education Management (ATEM) panel unanimously awarded Dr Weller the 2015 LH Martin Award for Leadership Excellence, and congratulated him on his achievements, and his strong leadershipin various capacities within the higher education sector.

The purpose of the ATEM awards is to recognise and acknowledge excellence in professional management and administration by staff of tertiary institutions or directly associated agencies in the Australian and New Zealand tertiary education sector.

The ATEM said professional tertiary education managers have a unique profession because tertiary education is more than an industry. 

“It is the foundation of our future, the portal for our thinkers, the creator of our culture, the bulwark of our economy and the provider of our research. 

At the awards ceremony, guests heard that Dr Weller has an impressive record of effective and sustained leadership in his steady progression over the past 11 years in senior roles within the Higher Education sector in Australia.  

During that period of his 26 year career, Dr Weller has held senior roles that required sound and inspirational leadership at Victoria University, James Cook University and now at the Australian Catholic University.   

The statements submitted by his nominees and referee showed evidence of focussed leadership through significant and transformational projects he initiated in those institutions.  

Those each required sustained leadership, strong communications, foresight and the ability to inspire others to accept a vision.   His referees have described Dr Weller as showing “authentic and inspiring leadership”, he is a strong communicator of a vision and outcomes, fosters collaborative partnerships, and consistently provides meaningful opportunities for engagement with staff at all levels. 

In addition to his successful institutional leadership, Dr Weller has been the President of ATEM for the past six years.  In that time, he inspired colleagues to get behind several major advances for the Association, lead a successful expansion of ATEM into Papua New Guinea, and lead through a period of strong membership growth and engagement.