Download MathWorks for your personal computer

Published: Wednesday 30th March 2016

This guide describes how to install and activate a Total Academic Headcount (TAH) Campus license on a university campus. The TAH Campus license allows campus-wide access on university-owned computers to all faculty, staff and students.

Faculty and staff are also able to install MathWorks software on their personally-owned computers and purchase additional products for their own use. TAH Campus licenses support two configurations, individual use and on-campus computing facilities.

This guide includes detailed instructions end users.

Deployment for Individual Use (Recommended)

End Users: Download the Installer

  1. 1. Create a MathWorks Account using your university email address: While creating your account, please choose the option “Teaching or research in school”.
  2. Go to the License Center:
  3. Click Add License in the upper right hand corner.
  4. Choose Associate by Activation Key and click Continue.
  5. When prompted to do so, enter the Activation Key at the end of this instruction.
  6. Go to:
  7. Click the download button for the current release.
  8. Click the installer button to download the installer.

End Users: Install and Activate

  1. Locate the installer you downloaded in a file browser. It should be located in the default download location, unless you specified another location. The name of the installer file is:

* Windows: matlab_<release>_win64.exe

* Mac OS X: matlab_<release>

Where <release> represents the release number.

  1. Start the installer:
  • Windows: Double-click the installer file you downloaded in the previous step. The Windows Self-Extractor runs, and then the installer starts.
  • Mac OS X: Double-click the installer file you downloaded in the previous step. This action extracts the files and creates another folder called matlab_<release>_maci64, where <release> represents the release number. Inside this folder, double-click InstallForMacOSX to start the installer.
  1. In the MathWorks installer, select Log in with a MathWorks Account and follow the online instructions.
  2. When prompted to do so, select the license you want to use.
  3. Select the products you want to download and install.
  4. After downloading and installing your products, keep the Activate MATLAB checkbox selected and click Next.

Staff license Activation key :