DiscoverU: New online portal for students

Published: Wednesday 4th February 2015

ACU offers students more than just a study experience. There are many extra services, activities and opportunities available to students at ACU, and DiscoverU is the new online portal through which students can access all of these exciting and enriching university experiences, in one spot.

The DiscoverU offerings have been grouped together under five clusters – SportyU, HealthyU, ArtyU, WiseU and CommunityU – to make it easy for students to find the things that interest them and to get involved in university life.

From sport and fitness, to debating, choir and language lessons, counselling and academic skills services, DiscoverU covers a wide variety of interests and needs.

Many DiscoverU offerings are funded by the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) that students pay annually and the introduction of DiscoverU is designed to help students identify and make use of those things that their SSAF fees support.

DiscoverU also incorporates the ACUXtra online discount and benefits program, which enables students  to get great deals across a range of products and externally provided services.

Visit the DiscoverU webpages to find out more and encourage students to explore the offerings.