Creating greater flexibility, teaching and learning resources

Published: Monday 30th March 2015

The construction of an additional exercise physiology lab at ACU's Strathfield Campus has helped to enhance the practical teaching and learning resources of one of ACU's most popular courses, introducing greater flexibility and opportunities for students' learning experience.

Completed in February 2015, the new lab features more stationary bikes, treadmills, and devices to measure oxygen consumption during exercise, for the School of Exercise Science. A variety of modern facilities and equipment within the lab complement the school’s existing suite of practical teaching and learning resources; an added draw card for current and prospective undergraduate and postgraduate students.

Exercise physiology lab 
Image: The additional stationary bikes, treadmills, and devices to measure oxygen consumption during exercise, provide more practical teaching and learning resources for the School of Exercise Science in Strathfield.

Greater flexibility, teaching and learning opportunities

Prior to the construction of the new lab at Strathfield, a single exercise physiology lab was operating at capacity, offering little flexibility to teaching staff and students.

Deputy Head of School of Exercise Science, Strathfield, Associate Professor David Greene said, "This new lab offers greater flexibility, addressing administrative concerns, and enhancing teaching and learning opportunities that we offer as a school."

"It's a fully functional exercise physiology lab which provides us with a number benefits, including ensuring our course offerings meet accreditation, quality assurance and compliance, and are on par with best practice.

"We were challenged at the start of the project by space restrictions. However, we were able to work closely with Properties to overcome these issues.

"We utilised a tutorial space, and transformed it into an exciting, practical learning area for students, appropriately located beside the Campus gym," he said.

Indeed, the project demonstrated key synergies between ACU's Properties Directorate and the needs of ACU's academic staff, faculties and schools.

Senior Project Manager David Browning explained, "This project was a great example of how the Properties team could be flexible and responsive to meet the needs of the University’s academic staff and students."

"We had a short timeframe to complete the project, with actual construction commencing in the first few weeks of 2015 and finishing in February, in time for the start of the new semester.

"We're pleased with the results, as well as the benefits, teaching and learning opportunities that the new space will provide to exercise physiology staff and students."

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