Course and campus transfers

Published: Wednesday 2nd July 2014

Information on transfers is available on the ACU website at the following link -

The ACU Admissions Rule 13 outlines the University’s policy on transfers.

ACU students may apply to transfer:

  • from one program to another program at the same level, offered at the same or another campus;
  • from a Certificate or higher level program to a bachelor degree level course, offered at the same or another campus;
  • within a program, from one campus to another campus;
  • within a postgraduate program, from a Commonwealth-supported place to a fee-paying place.

Domestic and International students wishing to transfer to another course and/or campus

To apply for a transfer, ACU students login to Student Connect. They click on the My Enrollment tab and they choose Transfers. Here they can choose to submit a transfer application to change to a different course on the same or another campus; they can also choose to apply to change campuses, but remain in the same course.

Students who change their mind and no longer want to apply to transfer can cancel their application by logging back into Student Connect where they submitted their application. Online cancellation can only be done prior to the transfer application closing date or 30 June or 31 December. If they decide after these dates, they should email and advise they no longer want to be considered for a transfer.

Transfers are available in both undergraduate and postgraduate courses and are available from the commencement of semester one and two. Students can apply to transfer to a different course only if that course is available for entry that semester.

Transfer applications open at the same time as direct applications. The closing date for the submission of transfer applications for semester one is 31 December and semester two is 30 June each year.

Students who are about to Course Complete do not apply to transfer if they want to keep studying in another course. They must submit a new application.

It is important to note that, for approved course transfers, all current enrollment in future terms must be removed in order to process the transfer. This will include all class allocations for those units.

Undergraduate assessment

Transfer applications are assessed once the current semester results are released. Students with outstanding grades cannot have their transfer application finalised until all results have been recorded.

A student’s GPA is used to calculate an entry score (or ATAR/Rank equivalent) and this is compared to the relevant course cut-off score required for entry in first semester. If the student’s score is equal to or better than the cut-off AND they satisfy any prerequisite subjects, their transfer request will be approved and the student record is amended to show they have been transferred to the new course. If their GPA does not convert to an entry score equal to or above the entry score required for entry, Admissions will look at the student’s original entry score. If that score was equal to or above the cut-off, the transfer is approved. This assessment process is followed for transfer requests for both course and campus transfers as cut-offs for courses can vary between campuses.

Postgraduate assessment

Applications are assessed on whether the student meets the required entry requirements for the new course. Some postgraduate courses require additional information to assess eligibility and therefore Admissions may need to contact the student to supply extra documentation and/or additional information.

Students are advised via their ACU student email address if their transfer application is successful or not.

Domestic and International students transferring from a dual degree to a single degree

Students studying in a dual degree who decide they want to change to just a single degree component of the dual program do not submit a transfer application. These students need to submit an Application to transfer from a Dual Degree to a Single Degree (DDT) online form.

International students who are granted Permanent Residency in Australia

International students wanting to change their citizenship status to PR, should complete the Notification of Permanent Residency Status (PR) form.