COO update on Service Matters

Published: Tuesday 5th August 2014

Dear Colleagues,

I invite you to visit the Service Matters website and view the short video that provides an update on the progress that has been made with the Service Matters Framework since its launch on 1 June.

Also on the website you will find:

  • The ACU Service Catalogue, which is a listing all of professional services at ACU and the Service Leads for each category of service.
  • A Service Lead Responsibility Statement that explains how Service Leads are implementing their mandate to lead a collaborative process to determine how service is defined and delivered across ACU.
  • A list of actions from the ACU Service Improvement Register that outlines how Service Leads are responding to service improvement suggestions from staff.
Also available on the Service Matters website is information about two projects that have been initiated in response to your feedback.

The Space Bookings Project will implement an effective and efficient system for managing the booking and scheduling of ACU spaces for multi-purposes including teaching, events and meetings.

The Project Management Framework Project will develop and implement an ACU framework for project management including policy, methodology and reporting, and training.

The ultimate aim of Service Matters is to achieve service excellence at ACU. To do this, we must lay a firm foundation that includes the Service Catalogue, which helps us better understand our services, and the Service Leads. Their work over the coming months will help define what service excellence means for ACU and shape the way we deliver professional services to meet the diverse needs of the ACU community.

Service excellence doesn't just happen, it is a responsibility we all share and requires our commitment, positive attitude and action.

I welcome your feedback on any aspect of Service Matters and look forward to updating you on future progress. In the meantime I encourage you to contact should you have any service improvement suggestions or queries.


Dr Stephen Weller

Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice‐Chancellor