COO update

Published: Monday 17th November 2014

Dear Colleagues,

I am delighted to present to you "The Service Matters Framework - A Strategy for Service Delivery at ACU" publication, produced by the Service Matters Improvement Team (SMIT) in conjunction with Marketing and External Relations.

The Service Matters Framework evolved from the Shared Services Review Project and consists of five components:

1. SERVICE PRINCIPLES: A set of principles to guide service delivery;

2. SERVICE CATALOGUE: A catalogue that lists all professional services within the University and nominates a Service Lead for each category;

3. SERVICE DELIVERY MODEL: A model that demonstrates how ACU's professional services align with the Strategic Plan;

4. COLLABORATION FOR EXCELLENCE: A focus on working together to achieve service excellence; and

5. CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT: The steps necessary to implement improvements.

Many key milestones of continuous improvement have already been achieved, including:

  • Completion of organisational analysis focused on ACU Professional Services;
  • Finalisation of customised Service Catalogue for ACU services;
  • Introduction of Service Principles that underpin the Service Matters Framework;
  • Establishment of Service Lead role;
  • Creation of Service Working Groups;
  • Initiated implementation of Service Improvement Program.

A further progress report will be shared with the ACU community next month.

The Service Matters Framework has established the foundation for a service excellence agenda and I encourage you to become familiar with the Framework by downloading the publication or requesting a hard copy via

The SMIT team welcomes the opportunity to meet with staff regarding the Service Matters Framework or please contact them directly if you have any further questions.

Regards, Stephen


Dr Stephen Weller

Chief Operating Officer and Deputy Vice-Chancellor

Australian Catholic University