Congratulations to the Exercise and Nutrition Research Group

Published: Monday 23rd March 2015

Exercise and nutrition 

The Journal of Physiology's new annual report has just been released. It includes a list of the journal's top 10 articles from 2014, two of which are from the Exercise and Nutrition Research Group, led by Professor John Hawley, Director, Centre for Exercise and Nutrition in the Mary MacKillop Institute for Health Research.

The journal's ranking is based on the number of times the article was shared via social media and other internet-based channels.

The papers are Timing and distribution of protein ingestion during prolonged recovery from resistance exercise alters myofibrillar protein synthesis and Physiological adaptations to low-volume, high-intensity interval training in health and disease.

Both papers highlight how results from basic science can be translated from laboratory settings into practical 'take-home' messages relevant for individuals in everyday life.