Computer lab software requests for semester 2

Published: Wednesday 18th June 2014

A standard suite of software is available in the computer labs across the University. Academic staff please see the guidelines below for requesting any additional computer lab software requirements for Semester 2 2014.

Faculties/departmental Units are responsible for licensing and associated costs for software beyond the standard suite. Academic staff using computer labs are requested to familiarise themselves with any non-standard software that they may use, well in advance of classes, to ensure that it is performing to their expectations.

For installation of non-standard and unfamiliar software, IT staff may need extra time to work with the client to test the software on a standard lab machine before wider deployment. This is to ensure performance to expectation.

New requests, add-Ons and changes

All new requests require the following information to be provided to avoid delays:

1. The original media or a copy of the software package to be installed
2. A copy of the licensing agreement, documentation or the proof of purchase
3. Sufficient license provision for a complete lab (up to 30 PCs per lab, the Service Desk can confirm the number of PCs in a lab)
4. An indication of which computer lab(s) require the software.

If you don't have all of the above details or are unsure, please still advise the Service Desk to assist our scheduling.

If you have any upgrades, license changes, add-ons or new software please submit your request to the Service Desk - by Friday 11 July 2014. This will allow us to complete the lab software requirements before the start of Semester Two.

PLEASE NOTE: With the centralised lab management systems now in place, we are also able to facilitate requests for software during semester. Following confirmation of licencing, and after a period of testing, deployment will normally take place during a regular Friday evening maintenance window.

Confirmation of current software

Please also provide details of any changes to the timetabled location for Semester 2 2014 for any prior software requests.

Please submit any relevant information to the Service Desk as soon as you receive confirmation of your timetable.