Community Engagement Day

Published: Monday 24th October 2016

The Office of General Counsel and Directorate of Governance teams participated in their inaugural Community Engagement Day on Monday 17 October.

The day’s program - ‘New Peoples, New Spaces and New Worlds’ - was developed by Daniel Nelson and Anthony Steel of the Institute for Advancing Community Engagement (IACE) as an introduction to the work of the IACE and the kinds of communities that ACU staff work with on a regular basis.

During the day we listened and talked to members of IACE, Campus Ministry, Equity Pathways, and Yalbalinga Indigenous Higher Education Unit, and learnt about the community engagement activities they are involved in, both internally and externally to ACU.

We shared conversation and morning tea with members of the Strathfield Conversation Club, heard the inspirational stories of graduates of the Clemente Australia Program, and engaged in an informative and entertaining discussion about indigenous culture with a member of Yalbalinga staff. We all enjoyed the day and found it to be a rewarding and thought-provoking experience.

We would like to thank the staff who participated in the program for giving us a valuable insight into their work and the ways in which they are carrying out University’s mission through community engagement. We would also like to thank the members of the Strathfield Conversation Club and Clemente graduates for giving up their time to share their experiences with us and demonstrating the real benefits of these programs.

The day’s activities have given us plenty of food for thought for developing our teams’ ongoing community engagement initiatives.

For further information regarding ACU community engagement opportunities and contact details for IACE staff, click here.