Community Day, Sydney Finance Directorate

Published: Wednesday 28th October 2015

In the spirit of ACU's mission of community engagement the Sydney Finance team joined the community through a Volunteer Day for Bear Cottage at Our Big Kitchen.

Bear Cottage

Bear Cottage is a children’s hospice – a very special place that’s dedicated to caring for children with life-limiting conditions and their families. As the only children’s hospice in NSW, Bear Cottage aims to ensure that every child and their family enjoys the time they have together to the fullest. But to continue this truly invaluable work, the Bear Cottage needs the support from the community. ( or call 02 9976 8300).

Our Big Kitchen

Our Big Kitchen (OBK) was founded by Rabbi Dovid Slavin and Laya Slavin in February 2005. Rabbi Slavin had a vision – to transform the basement on the Yeshiva Centre in Bondi into a large-scale industrial kitchen that would be used to benefit anyone in the community. OBK is a community kitchen designed to help those in need.

North Sydney Finance team took part in a Bear Cottage Team building event and a financial contribution will be shared with Bear Cottage and OBK.

During the event we learnt about the important, heart-warming work at Our Big Kitchen, as well as the invaluable work at Bear Cottage. Every meal matters and makes a difference. (

Work performed on the day

George from OBK introduced the Sydney Finance team to OBK and their duties in the kitchen for the day.

We cooked vegetable soup, pasta bolognaise and Challah, traditional Jewish bread cookies.

During our day, Paul Jones from Bear Cottage gave us some inside information about Bear Cottage and the services they provide and Rabbi Dovid Slavin emphasised how important our volunteer day is.

The cookies we made will be part of the 500,000 cookies OBK bakes yearly. The Clown Doctor collects those cookies which will be distributed to the hospitals and handed out to the nurses, doctors, cleaners and other staff members to make them happy and show them that we very much appreciate their work and service.

Every year Our Big Kitchen makes over 500,000 cookies and we are very proud of being a part of it now. There were mixed emotions during the day, with reflection on the work performed and great teamwork shown by all. Overall, everyone had a fantastic day and exhilarating experience.

Further details If you would like to support the Bear Cottage or OBK or should you like additional information on the Sydney Community Day, please contact Anuschka Mazza on 02 9739 2153.