Communicating to students your responses to SELT survey data

Published: Wednesday 11th January 2017

Ensuring your students are informed of the changes that have been made to units as a response to their feedback is essential to engaging them in the Student Evaluation of Learning and Teaching (SELT) process at ACU.

Lecturers in Charge are responsible for completing the section of the Extended Unit Outline that asks them to state how student feedback has been used to improve the unit since the last offering. There may be standard processes/guidelines within your Faculty regarding how the Extended Unit Outline should be completed.

To assist staff in completing this section of the Extended Unit Outline, resources uploaded on the ACU Learning and Teaching website provide a range of examples that can be used as a guide.

In addition to the Extended Unit Outline there are a number of other strategies that staff may use to keep students informed of how student feedback is utilised. Addressing students in class at the start of the semester is an effective means to raise awareness amongst students about evaluations. You may also choose to post a message on LEO or email student groups.

For further information on closing the feedback loop through the above suggestions, please see the section on Evidencing learning and teaching (including SELT) at the ACU Learning and Teaching website .