Communicating Effectively Workshops

Published: Monday 10th August 2015

Do you ask yourself any of these questions?

  • “Why don’t people just listen better?”
  • “I had it written down and she never looked at it.”
  • “What difference does it make to know how it works – it just works!”
  • “I told him twice and he still didn’t understand.”
  • “I didn’t have time to write it all down for him.”
  • “If people understood the process better, they would know why it’s a problem.”
An essential part of communication is the process of sending and receiving information accurately.

Awareness of communication style allows us to respond more effectively to people because we are more attentive to their preferred mode of communication.

When we send information to people in a style they don’t prefer or grasp as readily, we may not complete the communication process at all.

If you ever made or heard any of the statements listed above you may have been experiencing the frustration that comes with mismatched communication styles.

For example:

  • Auditory people receive information best when they hear it with their own ears and can repeat and hear it again for clarity.
  • Visual people receive information best when they can see it and review it again by looking at it.
  • Kinesthetic people receive information best when they can feel it, be a part of it and/or experience it and understand how it works.
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