Communicate and collaborate for success

Published: Wednesday 30th March 2016

ACU Brisbane staff
During the last Leading and Managing in the ACU Context Conference ACU’s leaders identified improving communication and collaboration as one of the key issues to ensuring the University’s  future success.  Results from a Leadership Excellence Review undertaken at ACU in 2015 showed that managers and leaders rated this area as one of the top two challenges to embedding a culture of excellence across ACU.

As ACU continues to grow and strives to maintain high student satisfaction, excellent communication and collaboration among staff in all roles is crucial to our success.  See how you boost your own skills, and that of your team, by registering for an upcoming workshop.

Introduction to DISC: profiling for Team Communication
Video Conference 7, 22 June; 10, 25 October;

The DISC Profile is the most widely used behavioural model in the world.  Effective and productive teams need a mixture of different behavioural types, each person being in a position to make a real contribution; given their unique strengths, knowledge, skills and experience. The DISC models differentiate four behavioural types and allow participants to appreciate, learn from and work with others who have different operational and communication styles to their own.

This session will introduce staff to the DISC model and provide an understanding of how DISC can benefit team environments.

Post this session, Managers/Supervisors can contact Capabilities and Development for a more specialised session for their team.
Virtual Teams

Video Conference  Multiples Dates: 11, 18 April; 04, 18 May; 04, 16 August; 5, 13 September

Managing a virtual team can pose extra challenges due to mismatch between communication styles, absence of nonverbal cues, time difference and cultural differences. This workshop will equip you to overcome these challenges and succeed in creating a highly productive dispersed workforce.
This topic will be broken down into four main topics and will be delivered via webinar/video conference at different times of the year, each for two hours in duration.
The topics are as follows:
  • Virtual team fundamentals/working in a virtual team: April
  • Running a virtual meeting: May
  • Presenting to a virtual team/in a virtual space: August
  • Leading and Managing a virtual team: September
Customer Service Training

Ballarat; Brisbane; Canberra; Melbourne; Strathfield 6-23 June

Learn how to communicate effectively with customers to ensure a quality of service that serves their needs.
Having Difficult Conversations

Ballarat; Brisbane; Melbourne; North Sydney; Strathfield Multiple Dates: 3 May – 9 June

This workshop will empower professionals to be in control of a difficult conversation at all stages so that they can communicate effectively to achieve the desired outcome.  It is a necessary
Introduction to Coaching for Managers

Ballarat; Brisbane; Canberra; Melbourne; North Sydney; Strathfield 7 July - 1 September

Gain hands-on experience with a range of coaching techniques to hold effective conversations using the GROW/COACH model as the first step to enhance workplace performance in ACU.
Continued Coaching Practice for Managers

Webinar 20 October

This workshop is designed to follow on from the workshop ‘Introduction to Coaching for Managers’ and will be delivered via webinar as a practical, interactive learning exercise.
Communicating Effectively

Ballarat; Brisbane; Canberra; Melbourne; North Sydney; Strathfield: 11, 13, 18, 19, 27, 31 October

In our daily lives, billions of messages are sent in various forms, but not all of them get through. Of those that do, many are filtered, scanned or misunderstood which is why communication breakdowns are so common in the workplace and we don’t get the outcomes we are looking for.  Improve your effectiveness by understanding different behaviours and preferred communication styles.